About this site

I've been shopping at Adorama, B&H Photo and Video, and lately Amazon for my camera needs. My passion for photography started back in high school.

People have come to me before with camera and lens questions. The secret is just a lot of research and reading. After answering enough of these questions, I figured I should just put together a website that shows my process. I usually do all of my product research at other sites, namely kenrockwell (for Nikon cameras and lenses), dpreview for lengthy reviews and tests, and finally for dxomark for sensor benchmarks. The last step in all of this research is to make the purchase! Adorama is a good candidate site to shop from. But when is a good time to buy?

That's where I got the idea for this site. Prices for expensive photography items can fluctuate. If you know you want to buy a Nikon D7100 or the Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 but aren't necessarily in a rush to get it, why not wait? Nikon is known to periodically offer rebates for their cameras and lenses. As supply and demand rises or falls, prices adjust themselves.

Collected here are some products whose prices have dropped recently. Perhaps now is a good time to visit Adorama and make that purchase you've been thinking about. If you aren't particularly price conscious, or if you absolutely NEED to get the latest camera body or perhaps a replacement lens for an upcoming shoot, then this site probably isn't for you. But if you are price patient or a little flexible, then this should be a great resource for you.

About me

My day job involves writing enterprise software for a large company. I've always wanted to put together a website that would be useful and helpful for ordinary folks. I'm used to writing software for really specific applications, and some of it may never get used or see the light of day! This website has been a lot of fun to make and a huge learning opportunity. I've spent most of my weekends and many late nights putting this together over the course of autum 2014. If you have any suggestions or any ideas on what can be improved, please let me know!